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Anger Management training from Southern Behavioral Services enhances all aspects of life

The Anger Management Services team includes Certified Anger Management Facilitators – compassionate healthcare professionals who have intensive training and years of experience helping adolescents and adults to positively cope with anger issues.

Certified Anger Management Facilitators offer complete training and counseling:

  • On-site group seminars at corporations of all sizes
  • Executive coaching
  • Training for individuals, adolescents, couples and court ordered clients
  • The Anger Management training course – a structured curriculum that gives participants specific strategies for recognizing and managing their own anger, while building improved communication & conflict-resolution skills

Our anger management training opportunities give participants practical, valuable tools that enhance their interpersonal relationships at home, in school and the workplace – for themselves and those with whom they interact. Learn more about anger management training by calling Southern Behavioral Services. (800) 533-1797



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