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In an age when so many choices are available, discerning either an initial career or a change in careers can be overwhelming. We have available diagnostic tools which will help clarify interests and skills, identify preferred work settings, and match individual personality type to potential “best fit” careers.

Career assessments illustrate how personality type influences not only career choice and satisfaction, but also the career exploration process, itself. Our diagnostic tools offer a clear, informed alternative to the indiscriminate career search. Follow-up counseling sessions are available to facilitate career exploration and selection.

Whether choosing an initial career, managing a mid-life transition, or planning for a meaningful retirement, our services provide effective means to:

  • Identify individual skills, interests, and aptitude in relation to potential careers
  • Develop a working understanding of personality type and its effect on career choice, satisfaction, and success
  • Obtain lists of the most popular and least popular occupations for
    specific personality types
  • Enhance social/emotional skills which correlate highly with both career search
    and job success
  • Decrease procrastination, while increasing self-advocacy and motivation
  • Recognize the role of individual responsibility in pursuing and achieving career goals
  • Gain detailed knowledge of careers which match both personality type and specific career goals


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